KISI NOW is a nationwide KISI group that meets about once a month. Together we rehearse and perform a musical, pray, learn more about Jesus and have lots of fun with each other. Usually there is time for singing as a choir, reading the bible, prayer, Holy Mass, meeting in small groups and playing - everything happens in a way so that we guarantee you won't get bored.

Whether you want to play musicals or you want to help in other area like with the tech team or backstage – you're always welcome!

These KISI NOW groups exist at the moment:

KISI NOW Austria

Next Meetings:

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Join the team

You want to help with KISI NOW? Wonderful! From the age of 16 you can be part of the team at NOW with tech and stage, costumes and props or even help with the organisation. Or do you want to be a small group leader or help with the sessions and that way support our work with the children. Of course there's many other ways, you can help. Just get in touch with the service team of the respective NOW group (contact see the respective info page)! We're looking forward to working together with you!