KISI is a such a huge blessing! You get encouraged to stand by Jesus and that way you learn about a lot of good things, that can really change your life.
Magdalena, KEY-participant from Austria


KISI KEY is a national KISI group that meets over the period of one year at least once a month for one weekend and in summer for training days.

Quality honours God – that's our motto at KISI. We want to keep getting better and use all of our abilities – this goes for playing musicals, producing and staging the musical etc as well as for following Jesus. You want to invest yourself completely for one year, you want to use your talents, deepen your faith and share the gospel? In that case KISI KEY is what you're looking for!

To be able to guarantee quality on our tours, we need the KISI KEY participants to be dedicated and commited and willing, for example, to practise at home. It's generally not permitted to miss one of the KISI KEY rehearsals. You can discuss exceptions with us (illness or school trips for example). 

On this page we present to you the current KEY groups.


There is a KISI KEY group in Austria. You want to join? We're happy about your enthusiasm and dedication. The information and registration is currently only available in German.


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You want to join us?

We're very happy about your enthusiasm and dedication! Currently the information and registration is only available in Dutch.



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Join our team


From the age of 16, you can join the team at KISI KEY. There are lots of areas that you can help us with: technical things and stage production, costumes and props, organisation or the work directly with the children, for example as a small group leader. Just get in touch with the KEY service point in your country. We're grateful for your help!