Experience KISI

You can experience KISI in a lot of different ways: Why don't you visit one of our musical concerts or puppet shows or a church service that we're singing in? Or join in: at a workshop or musical project or as part of a KISI group. Our very special invitation for you is to come to our annual KISI-Fest! And in between the KISI events you can easily experience us on CD or DVD and on the radio.

Your chance
to experience KISI any time soon


Diverse and international: these are the next KISI activities – worldwide. It's exciting to witness what happensf in the different KISI nations at the moment.

Next dates worldwide:

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Recently I was fortunate enough to see KISI perform again and once more I was very impressed with the KISIs who were sharing the gospel with such joy from the bottom of their hearts.
Barbara, mother from Austria


We have different kinds of concerts. Very often we play musicals – dynamic and vivid – with singing, dancing and acting.


see Musicals


Sometimes we're also invited for song concerts or "join in" concerts. That means we're singing a lot of songs and sometimes invite the audience (especially kids) to join in. In between we might play a short sketch or give a short input.

Next concerts:

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Church service arrangements

We do love to play musicals, but what we're especially fond of is praising our Lord Jesus together with other Christians. This is why we love to sing in church services. Through our songs we want to express our faith joyfully and infect many people around us. 


songs for church


Celebrate with us! We are looking forward to seeing you in one of the next church services.

Next church services:

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puppet shows

The adventurous black lamb Pauli loves to be on the road. Especially he likes travelling around with KISI and performing in our puppet shows together with his sister Marie and his whole sheep family. Each of the plays contains catchy songs and a precious message that we want to bring to the kids.


puppet show plays

Next puppet shows:

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Our family still looks back on the musical week in Salzburg with excitement. I have to say we were absolutely thrilled about this week and the team. You've really become a true blessing to us.
Karin, a mother from Salzburg


You want to get to know KISI and see whether you like it? You can join us for a couple or ours or days in one of our projects: There are two-hour workshops, but also longer musical camps of around five days. In the latter you will rehearse a musical and learn more about it's message – and in the end of the camp you get the chance to express your enthusiasm on stage in the musical performance. Also great are singing camps where you don't train a musical but songs and usually a short play to be presented at the end of the camp.

By the way: most of our projects take place during summer holiday time.



Next projects:

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KISI DAYS are weekends for which kids and teens from different regions come together and experience KISI community. We will be singing and dancing together and learn to discover God and live with him in their daily lives. Currently those KISI DAYS weekends only take place in Austria and Germany.


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I really like KISI. It's so much fun! At KISI you can dance, talk to God, learn about the Bible, (…) pray, always have fun – it's all so cool!
Anna, ca. 8 years old from Austria

KISI groups

You want to join KISI and be part of one of our regular groups? We're looking forward to welcoming you. At KISI we're learning to live every day with Jesus and to continously get to know him better. Also we're trainings songs or musicals, have fun together and share the Good News.

There are three different concepts for which you can sign up – depending on how often and how intensely you want to commit.


  • near you
  • local focus
  • mostly weekly meetings
  • occasional small performances


        • nationwide
        • monthly weekend long meetings
        • time span: half a year
        • training for a final tour


          • nationwide
          • at least monthly weekend long meetings
          • time span: one year
          • intensive training, many tours

            By the way: You don't need to be a passionate singer oder performer to join KISI. You don't even need to be on stage – there are a lot of exciting things to do backstage or with the tech team.


            KISI-Fest is a three day festival that takes place in Austria at Pentecost and in the Netherlands in September. A diverse program with musicals, input, workshops, outdoor activities, church services and much more is waiting for you. As soon as we know more details about the next KISI-Fest we will let you know.

            That was KISI-Fest 2018:

            Next KISI-Fest:

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            KISI on the radio

            You want to stay in touch – even from far away? Lucky you – for you can listen to us on the radio every week. We play KISI songs, give inputs and are happy to get talking to you when you call. Tune in – whether on the radio or online.

            Our radio shows:

            Hallo Kinder!

            Every Wednesday night at 7 pm you can listen to KISI on the radio show "Hallo Kinder!" on Radio Maria Austria. Tune in to hear songs, interviews and inputs by KISI.

            Run the Race

            About once a month we're on air with a teenie radio show called "Run the Race". Modern Christian songs by KISI and other artists plus input about an exciting topic.


            Listen to Radio MarIA

            Next radio shows:

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            You can't wait to listen to the next radio show?

            No problem, you don't have to! You can also listen to our radio shows in the archive of Radio Mary:


            Hallo Kinder! Run the race

            We just listened to the CD again this morning and Sonja was singing along with excitement. I think her collection of favourite CDs just got extended by one!
            Andrea, a mother from Germany

            KISI on CD & DVD

            You would love to take KISI home? You want to be able to listen to our songs everywhere? Or listening to something else than the typical, never changing kids CDs? Don't worry. KISI has already produced a lot of CDs and DVDs to be able to bring our songs and musicals to your home or in your car.