Children perform musicals, but also learn about the Christian way how to treat each other. KISI strengthens the children's relationship with Jesus Christ and that's exactly why it's so valuable.
Drs. Antonius Hurkmans, bishop of 's – Hertogenbosch (NL)

What's important to us

If you support or trust us with your children, you should be sure we're trustworthy. That's why we tell you more about things that are important to us: What we do, why we do it, how we work and where we are active.

What we do

KISI wants to get kids and teenagers excited for God.

KISI supports young people and their faith.

KISI wants to strengthen young people in their identity and dignity.

KISI wants to discover and develop the talents of young people.

Songs and musicals are important to us, because they allow us to bring joy to God and other people.

Why we do it

Because children are precious.

 Because Jesus instructed: “Let the children come to me.”

Because we want to show young people how they can respond to God’s love.

Because children should mature into inwardly strong adults.

How we do it

We work with children – in depth and with a sense of humour.

At KISI young and old learn from one another – across generations.

Together we practice artistic, social, and spiritual disciplines (Bible reading, prayer, celebrating the Eucharist).

Quality honours God – we follow this motto.

Where we do it

The home base for our work is the KISI house.

 As “mobile church“ we bring the Gospel to the people.

It is our goal that KISIs actively live out their faith in their personal environment.

For us as a family, the most important thing is for our children to be able to find their own faith. That they don't just inherit the faith from us, but that they are challenged to find out the truth for themselves. That's what's so valuable for us with KISI.
Simone, KISI staff member from Germany


At KISI we love talking to God. We do that with our own words as well as with some pre-formulated prayers, that express our concerns very well. Next to the well known Christian prayers such as the 'our Father' the following two are prayers we regularly pray:

KISI Prayer

Heavenly Father,
you love everyone,
especially children.
You love me. And I thank you.
Thank you for my family and our KISI family.
Let us get to know you better today.
Here I am, Lord!
Today I will use my talents for you
and spread your Good News.
Come Holy Spirit, live in me.
Bless all the KISIs (list specific names or concerns).
Glory to Jesus Christ forever and ever.

Prayer of Adoration

God, You are my Father.
You made heaven and earth.
You made me and I thank you!
Father, I give my life back into your hands.
It belongs to you. I belong to you!
You are my Lord and my God.
I receive new life from you.
I worship you!