Pauli can be a blessing

A lively musical puppet show with the imaginative sheep Pauli and his sister Marie. The good shepherd sends them on a little adventure: he tells them to try and a blessing to others.

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The story

Pauli finds a cup with a weird word on it. The shepherd Florian explains the message behind it: I am blessed and can be blessing to others.



Pauli's sister Marie gets immediately excited to be a blessing to others and the two set off together.



First they meet a hungry rabbit. Pauli learns that being a blessings sometimes requires you to share things, you would rather keep for yourself.



When the two find something struwelpuwel-cool, they overlook their grandmother Wolliwhite, who wanted to spend some time with them.



But Florian reminds them lovingly about their task and the sheep are happy about the reunion with their grandmother. Do you also want to be a blessing?



The message

We're loved and blessed by God. Awesome! But we shouldn't keep these blessings to ourselves, we should share them by doing good to others. In this funny story Pauli shows, what those good things can be. And the children learn that being a blessing might not always be easy, but that it's definitely worth it.



3 years +


ca. 30 min




This musical currently only exists as puppet show.


Birgit Minichmayr