Pauli and the robber Smellyfoot

A joyful musical, that follows the curious little sheep Pauli on his maybe most exciting adventure. It's a good thing that Pauli doesn't have to go through this alone and that his good shepherd is always with him.

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The story

It's time for bed for Pauli and his family. The good shepherd Florian brings them to the stable and makes sure that all doors and windows are closed and locked properly. This way, nothing can happen.



Pauli wakes up in the middle of the night and hears a voice, that promises him a great surprise. But he's normally not allowed to open the window....



Curiosity takes over and Pauli opens the window and is promptly packed into a sack by the robber Smelly Foot.



The next morning the sheep discover that Pauli is missing and inform the good shepherd Florian. Everyone is shocked and Florian sets off to find him.



When Florian finally finds Pauli they manage to free him with a smart trick. They joy is immense!



The message

Pauli's curiosity can put him in quite dangerous situations. Also us humans continue to get into trouble because we do things we know are wrong. How good that we also have a good shepherd like Pauli, who searches for us when we're lost, comes to our rescue and is never mad.



3 years +


ca. 30 min




Often also performed as puppet show.


Birgit Minichmayr


Dirk Brenner, Marc-David Fuchs, Volker Kuentz