Pauli and the newborn king

An exciting musical about the little sheep Pauli, who desperately wants to see the newborn Messiah. And of course Pauli gets into trouble in the process...

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The story

Wow! Were those really angels? Pauli witnessed, how heavenly creatures announced to Florian and his fellow shepherds that the Messiah is born.



When the shepherds depart on their journey to find the king of kings, Pauli secretly sneaks off to follow them.



On the way Pauli runs into an anthill and loses sight of the shepherds. How is he supposed to find the stable now?



But then a little angel appears to him and he leads him to the stable. Hopefully Florian won't be mad.



But Florian is so happy, that he can't be mad at anyone. And Pauli can see the Messiah!



The message

The joy and amazement about the incarnation of God and the birth of Jesus is not just a topic for the 'old' ones, but also for children. The little, adventurous Pauli takes especially the 'small' ones with him into his adventure and lets them feel and anticipate, how this story will end: Will Pauli really see Jesus? Will Florian be mad? Like always with Pauli, the joy is immense in the end.



3 years +


ca. 30 min




Birgit Minichmayr


Dirk Brenner, Marc-David Fuchs, Volker Kuentz