Lilli and the roly-poly friend

A musical that tells a story about trust that goes beyond death, with humour and depth. Through dynamic acting scenes and moving songs and choreographies, the audience experiences the biblical story of Martha, Maria and Lazarus.

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The story

Lilli is celebrating her birthday and all her friends are with her. All, but Samuello. But he arrives at the right moment and takes all the birthday guest away with him into an exciting story.



Maria, Martha and Lazarus are siblings and love each other dearly. When Jesus comes to town, they open their doors for him.



Some time later: Lazarus is very sick and his sisters send a messenger to Jesus. They're convinced that Jesus will come to their help and heal their brother.



But Jesus takes a long time and when he finally arrives, Lazarus is already dead. How could a friend do something like that?



But Jesus is planning something even bigger: He brings Lazarus back to life and shows that he has power over life and death.



The message

Friendship is a topic, that is important to almost everyone. You can't live without friends. But what is a good friend supposed to be like? You should be able to trust him, for sure. But what happens when a friend doesn't act they way you would expect him to? And how do you deal with grief and death? This musical finds some unexpected answers – and the best friend in the whole world: Jesus.



6 years +


ca. 60 min




Birgit Minichmayr


Stefan Weyel,
Conny Schock