Hark, the Herold Angel

A pleasant, joyful musical, that wants to underline what a scandal it actually is that the almighty God left heaven out of love to the people, to become a helpless child.

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The story

The famous choir of angels has come together for a special rehearsal. But the angels don't know what they're rehearsing for yet.



The angel messenger Gloria asks the grand angel Gabriel about the mission and finds out: She was chosen to announce the incarnation!



The angels are astonished: why would God want to leave heaven and go down to earth?



Impressed they find out, that God loves the people so much, he's willing to take this – and much more - upon himself.



And then the big moment is here: The choir of angels announces to the shepherds that the long-awaited Saviour is born.



The message

God becomes human – you've probably heard this so many times before, that it doesn't seem like anything special anymore. However, seeing this from the point of view of the angels, reveals how revolutionary this decision is: The fact that God leaves heaven, to come to the dark and cruel earth and that he limits himself and becomes a small, human and helpless baby. On top of this, he isn't even born as a big king, and he'll have to die a cruel death, all this so that the people can be united with God: “Man, God must really love those people.”



2 years +


ca. 50 min


German, English, Dutch


Joanne Barret, Ron E.Long, (german translation by Birgit Minichmayr)


Tom Fettke