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On this page we present the KISI activities in the Netherlands. Have fun!

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The information on this page is about KISI in the Netherlands.
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General information

Recent Activites

at KISI Netherlands


Vacatures bij KISI

Vacatures bij KISI Op de achtergrond zijn we de taken bij KISI aan het herstructureren om de missie van KISI ook in de toekomst te kunnen blijven uitvoeren. We willen  graag de taken over meer schouders verdelen, waarbij we zoeken naar de perfecte match tussen uw talenten en onze vacatures. Op deze manier bouwen we aan een duurzame en vruchtbare KISI organisatie, waarmee we kunnen ...


Project „Schoolbanken voor Oeganda“

Project „Schoolbanken voor Oeganda“

We zitten maar al te graag op een heerlijke stoel achter onze tafel. Zo halverwege de vastentijd een herinnering om even stil te staan (of te zitten) bij het schoolbankenproject voor de KISI’s in Uganda. Bij ons kijken we meestal op het einde van de vastentijd wat we gespaard hebben, maar een herinnering motiveert ...




Beste KISI KEY medewerkers,

van 8-10 januari is ons KISI medewerkersweekend gepland wat helaas niet fysiek kan door gaan. We komen zaterdagavond 9 januari van 19.00-21.30 uur online bij elkaar in plaats van een heel weekend. Heel bijzonder is dat Dale Kauffman vanuit Los Angeles voor ons zal spreken. Hij is een internationaal ...

What's happening next

at KISI Netherlands

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The story of KISI in the Netherlands

The origin of KISI lies in Austria, but here you will get some more details about how KISI developed in the Netherlands.


The start of KISI Netherlands! The first 23 Dutch KISIs go to Austria to learn to play the musical 'The compassionate Father'.


The first KISI tour of Brabant and the CD 'No longer alone' are followed by the very first KISI Festival and the CD 'Hark The Herald Angel'.


KISI Netherlands has grown into four project groups. In addition to new musicals and CDs, KISI also gets her own house in Helmond and start with a KISI KEY group.


Along with KISI's from Uganda, the Dutch KISI's go on a ‘Vastenaktie’ tour in 2013. KISI now has 7 active clubs in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2014, the KISI's go on outreach to Uganda and celebrate the KISI Festival in Austria.

You want to know more about the KISI history?

Story of KISI International 

This is what we do in the Netherlands

KISI Netherlands currently offers the following activities:

KISI wear

Children have been wearing their KISI shirts proudly over the past twenty years, the same goes for KISI caps, KISI sweaters and other KISI products. We love how every KISI fan can literally wear their enthusiasm and that way share it with the world.

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CDs and DVDs

All of our musicals and most of our songs are available on CD. A few of our musicals even exist on DVD. Now you can even experience KISI at home on screen or give CDs and DVDs away as presents!



To sing along, to join in on the piano or on the guitar, violin, ukulele or any other instrument you like. Our songbooks provide you with the sheet music and chords to all of our songs and even contain the spoken words from the musicals.

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Children's program

Are you looking for new ideas and concepts for your children or youth work? We would love to share our experience and have assembled our best ideas in compact hour-long programs that you can download in our shop.

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Musical performances

Enthusiastic children's voices, impressive acting scenes, dynamic choreographies and a profound message – those things are what make a KISI musical so special. We perform musicals based on different biblical stories and daily life themes, such as hope or friendship. We also put on concerts only consisting of songs. This is our way of sharing the empowering message of Jesus with the world.

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Our musicals

Puppet shows

Pauli, the adventurous little Lamb known from the KISI puppet shows, loves to be on the road – in kindergartens, schools or youth groups. Together with his family Wolliweiß he tells stories and sings about the adventures with his good shepherd.

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Our puppet shows



Church service arrangements

We love spreading the gospel on stage, but what we love even more is to celebrate mass with other fellow Christians and to praise God with our songs. If you invite us, we are happy to provide you with musical arrangements during mass.

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Mass songs




Three days of faith, fun and fellowship: every year the big KISI-Fest takes place and the program is filled with musical performances, workshops, outdoor-programs and some just as entertaining profound imputs for the whole family.



Breathe some KISI air for a few hours: sing, dance, play and learn about Jesus – those are some of the things you will experience during our workshops. We come to parishes, schools or to other open events, to spend time with children. At the end of a workshop an arranged mass or a small concert consisting of songs, is possible.

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Sing- and musical days

Learn a whole musical from scratch in only a few days? Sounds crazy, but it's possible. At KISI children train for a whole week in areas such as singing, dancing and acting for one specific KISI musical. They then have an opportunity to present their work in a final performance. Of course, we provide fun program too, which focuses on the themes featured in the musical.

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Our musical days


Do you want to be part of KISI on a regular basis? KISI NOW is a nationwide group that meets once a month, for a weekend, over the time span of half a year, to have fun, to pray and to rehearse a musical that will be performed at the end of the 6 months.

NOW groups


KISI the intensive way: with KISI KEY you commit to a whole year with meetings at least once a month for one weekend. During these meetings, you train, rehearse intensively and focus on playing musicals & co. There are also opportunities for you to invest in deepening your relationship with God. KISI KEY is on tour and on the road a lot.

KEY groups


KISI CLUBs are local KISI groups that meet regularly, sing together and try to understand the content of the KISI songs in a fun way. They continue to bring new hope and joy to people in their surroundings – with small concerts in retirement homes or during church services.


You are looking for a KISI activity that is not available in the Netherlands? Don't hesitate to contact us about it. We will try to make it happen in cooperation with other KISI nations.


These musicals are currently played by the Dutch KISI groups:

Star role

The pinnacle of God's story of salvation with the people was the birth of the saviour – Jesus. From Elisabeth and Zechariah via Mary and Gabriel, the moments leading up to this amazing event are portrayed in a completely new and different way – from the point of view of the stars.

– also exists as a Christmas edition –

Hark The Herald Angel

A big choir of excited angels, a very important mission and very little time to practise. Add confusion to that list, because why would God want to leave Heaven to go to a place like earth as a human being? - Definitely not your typical Christmas musical.

The compassionate Father

Once again, Lilli gets to experience another biblical story. This time it's Jesus' story about the 'prodigal son'. This is a musical about God's infinite mercy and fatherly love.

Called by God – Paul – ambassador of Christ

Paul experienced so many things in his life: First he hated Christians, but then he had a radical encounter with Jesus and started telling everyone about God. He healed people, he was locked up in prison, he got shipwrecked and was saved – and Jesus was with him through all of it!

Lilli and the incredible comeback

Is it possible that the Resurrection really happened? Lilli and her friend Klara are not sure what to believe. They are swept away and travel through time into the past where they will witness an incredible comeback.

Support us

Do you think the KISI activities in the Netherlands are important and do you want them to continue? We would be thrilled if you could support us by donating or by praying. Or if you have the possibility of joining our staff, that would be fantastic as well!


Thank you for your financial support of KISI Netherlands.

We currently work on the following projects:

Bringing hope where needed

Singing and playing at places where nobody can pay for it.

Training young people

Equipping and employing young people to bring hope through KISI.

Bringing hope through music

We produce CDs to bring hope to those who can‘t come to our shows.

Would you like to support us?


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You want to support us by praying for us? Thank you! We're glad if you send us an email to let us know. Then we can send you prayer requests from time to time.

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Join our staff!

Great that you're willing to volunteer! Please send us an email to let us know!




Harm Ruiter

nationwide coordinator

Ina Ruiter


Cissy Suijkerbuijk

artistic leader

Chiara van Voorst


Godeliva Coppens

coordination of technique, costumes and props

Ron en Irene Hogedoorn

KISI Noord

Joyce van Pampus

KISI CLUB, staff training and development of KISI material

Hans & Sandra Ghijzen

KISI shop

Dorris Schröder

confidant, protocol closeness and distance

Nellie Ruiter

Prayer, intercession

Isabel de Rycke

Responsible for the website in Dutch


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