KISI in Hungary


On this page we‘re introducing you to the KISI work in Hungary, to our history and activities.

What happened recently

with KISI in Hungary


KISI CLUB nap – egy különleges nap

KISI CLUB nap – egy különleges nap Ez a KISI alkalom is jó volt akárcsak a többi!  Jó volt olyan KISI-sekkel találkozni akiket régen láttam már. Jó volt az is, hogy most különösen sokan voltunk KISI-n. Ezen a KISI alkalmon nem tanultunk új dalt, viszont találkoztunk Istennel ☺ (szerintem a KISI-nek ez is nagyon fontos része, hogy találkozzunk Istennel, mert szerintem csak ...


A March of Life

A March of Life 2015 novemberében (a Pál musical másnapján) osztrák, német és izraeli KISI-sekkel közösen léptünk fel egy nagyon nívós holokauszt témájú megemlékezésen Kirchdorf an der Kremsben, ahol magyar áldozatokról is megemlékeztünk. Angolul, németül és magyarul énekeltünk mindannyian – szívet melengető pillanatok voltak ezek is.


KISI Hungary & KISI Austria on Tour

KISI Hungary & KISI Austria on Tour 2015 novemberében Ausztriába látogattunk, és Klein-Pöchlarnban együtt adtuk elő a Pál musicalt (németül) osztrák, német és izraeli gyerekekkel, ami hatalmas élmény volt! A közös előadás mellett a legjobban az ottani gyerekek befogadása érintette meg a szívünket. Furcsa módon a nyelvi különbségek nem akadályt jelentettek, hanem a „beszélgetések” és viccelődések alapját. Isten nagy, vidám szolgáló családja ...

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Next activities of KISI in Hungary

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Development of KISI in Hungary

Originally KISI is from Austria. Here we're telling you about how KISI came to Hungary and how it developed here.


some Hungarians got to know KISI at the Eucharist Congress in Dublin. They invited them for a musical performance of "Sternstunde in Betlehem".


the musical "Lilli and the unbelievable comeback" was translated into Hungarian and presented in a joined tour of Austrian and Hungarian KISIs in Budapest.


the musical "Star role in Betlehem" was presented in Hungarian by Austrian and Hungarian KISIs at different places in Hungary.


there is a KISI CLUB in Budapest that meets regularly. Also some summer camps took place.

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KISI activities in Hungary

At the moment there are the following KISI activities in Hungary:

Musical performances

Enthusiastic children's voices, impressive acting scenes, dynamic choreographies and a profound message – those things are what make a KISI musical so special. We perform musicals based on different biblical stories and daily life themes, such as hope or friendship. We also put on concerts only consisting of songs. This is our way of sharing the empowering message of Jesus with the world.

FINd Concerts

Organise concert

our Musicals

Church service arrangements



We love spreading the gospel on stage, but what we love even more is to celebrate church services together with fellow Christians and to praise God with our songs. If you invite us, we are happy to also sing in your church service.


Find church service

Songs for church services



You are looking for a KISI activity that can currently not be offered in Hungary? Sorry for that. But let us know anyway; maybe we'll have the chance to cooperate with KISI in another nation to make it happen.

Support us

You think the KISI work in Hungary is worth supporting? Thank you! You can support us by donating, praying or joining our staff. We're glad about your help!


Thank you for your financial support of the KISI activities in Hungary.

Currently you can donate for those donation projects:

Dress up

In order to dress up our actors we need to buy cloth to sew costumes.

Sounds good

For our performances to sound good, we need to buy equipment for a sound system.

Beautiful scenery

Our actors shouldn't stand on an empty stage – that's why we need money for a good stage design.

That's why asking you for your support. You want to donate?

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Do you want to support us in prayer? Thank you, we appreciate that very much! Would you mind writing us an email to let us know? Then knowing about your prayer support can encourage us and we have the possibility to send you important prayer requests from time to time.

Yes, I pray!

Join our staff

We were very happy if you would like to join our team. Whether it's helping in organization, logistics, backstage, in working with the kids or in anything else – we always need good people in our team. Please write us an email with your details and where you would like to help and we will contact you.


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We hope we could provide you with some helpful information about KISI in Hungary. If you have any questions, ideas or requests, don't hesitate to contact us.

You want to hear from us on a regular basis? Have a look at the social media profiles of KISI International.