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Ein Auftrag bei KISI NOW

Ein Auftrag bei KISI NOW NOW auf Tour, 14. – 17. November

Was ist unser Auftrag? Was macht uns aus? Was ist unsere Identität? Diese Fragen begleiteten uns, die KISI NOWs, über die ganze Tournee hinweg. Die Reise führte uns dieses Mal in die Heimat unserer deutschen KISIs. Am Donnerstag traf schon ein Teil unserer Gruppe im KISI-Haus ein, wo ...


Tournee-Erlebnisse bei KISI NOW

Tournee-Erlebnisse bei KISI NOW NOW auf Tour, 11. – 13. Oktober

Freitag:Endlich, nach vier Stunden Fahrt, steigt die KISI NOW „Frankengruppe“ (diesen Spitznamen haben einige deutsche KISIs sich gegeben) aus dem Zug in Elsbethen (Salzburg). Um rechtzeitig zur Musical-Probe zu kommen, sprinten wir den Berg zu Schloss Goldensten hoch. Als wir ankommen, wird gerade der neue Ablauf der Lieder ...


KISI mal wieder in Deutschland!

KISI mal wieder in Deutschland! KISI DAYS, 4. – 6. Oktober

Endlich starteten wieder mal die KISI DAYS in Deutschland. Wir trafen uns am 4. Oktober in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz in der freien evangelischen Gemeinde. Als wir mit dem beliebten Lied „Yes, Jesus loves me“ dieses besondere Wochenende mit Lachen und Tanzen begannen, wurde ich mit ...

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The story of KISI in Germany

KISI was founded in Austria and also the German KISI history has its origin there. Here you can find out how KISI was established in Germany.


The first workshops and concerts are taking place in the South of Germany. But as KISI at that time meets weekly in Austria, it is not yet possible for German kids to join a regular group.


An international KISI group starts meeting regularly on weekends. Some German KISIs are taking the effort to travel all the way and are becoming part of it.


In this year a KISI group in Germany is established which is lead by staff from KISI Austria. From now on also children who live further away from Austria can join KISI.


There is German team that coordinates the KISI meetings. There is a German KISI NOW group and seven KISI CLUBs in different regions.

You want to know more about the international development of KISI?


Story of KISI International

Activities of KISI in Germany

These activities and products are currently available:

Musical performances

Enthusiastic children's voices, impressive acting scenes, dynamic choreographies and a profound message – those things are what make a KISI musical so special. We perform musicals based on different biblical stories and daily life themes, such as hope or friendship. We also put on concerts only consisting of songs. This is our way of sharing the empowering message of Jesus with the world.

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Our musicals

Church service arrangements

We love spreading the gospel on stage, but what we love even more is to celebrate mass with other fellow Christians and to praise God with our songs. If you invite us, we are happy to provide you with musical arrangements during mass.

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Mass songs




Breathe some KISI air for a few hours: sing, dance, play and learn about Jesus – those are some of the things you will experience during our workshops. We come to parishes, schools or to other open events, to spend time with children. At the end of a workshop an arranged mass or a small concert consisting of songs, is possible.

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Sing- and musical days

Learn a whole musical from scratch in only a few days? Sounds crazy, but it's possible. At KISI children train for a whole week in areas such as singing, dancing and acting for one specific KISI musical. They then have an opportunity to present their work in a final performance. Of course, we provide fun program too, which focuses on the themes featured in the musical.

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Our musical days


KISI CLUBs are local KISI groups that meet regularly, sing together and try to understand the content of the KISI songs in a fun way. They continue to bring new hope and joy to people in their surroundings – with small concerts in retirement homes or during church services.



This material is produced by KISI Austria, but can be purchased at KISI events in Germany.

KISI wear

Children have been wearing their KISI shirts proudly over the past twenty years, the same goes for KISI caps, KISI sweaters and other KISI products. We love how every KISI fan can literally wear their enthusiasm and that way share it with the world.

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CDs and DVDs

All of our musicals and most of our songs are available on CD. A few of our musicals even exist on DVD. Now you can even experience KISI at home on screen or give CDs and DVDs away as presents!



To sing along, to join in on the piano or on the guitar, violin, ukulele or any other instrument you like. Our songbooks provide you with the sheet music and chords to all of our songs and even contain the spoken words from the musicals.

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Children's program

Are you looking for new ideas and concepts for your children or youth work? We would love to share our experience and have assembled our best ideas in compact hour-long programs that you can download in our shop.

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What you're looking for is not in the list? It doesn't hurt to ask! We are helping you find a way to make it happen in cooperation with KISIs from other nations.


These musicals are performed by KISI in Germany at the moment:

Star Role

The pinnacle of God's story of salvation with the people was the birth of the saviour – Jesus. From Elisabeth and Zechariah via Mary and Gabriel, the moments leading up to this amazing event are portrayed in a completely new and different way – from the point of view of the stars.

– also available as Christmas edition –

Hark, the Herald Angel

A big choir of excited angels, a very important mission and very little time to practise. Add confusion to that list, because why would God want to leave heaven to go to a place like earth as a human being? An extraordinary Christmas musical.

The Compassionate Father

Once again, Lilli gets to experience a biblical story. This time it's Jesus' story about the 'prodigal son'. This is a musical about God's infinite mercy and fatherly love.

Called by God – Paul – ambassador of Christ

Paul experienced so many things in his life: First he hated Christians, but then he had a radical encounter with Jesus and started telling everyone about him. He healed people, he was locked up in prison, got shipwrecked and was saved – and Jesus was with him through all of it!

Let's Go Fishing

What now? Jesus died and resurrected, but the disciples don't know what they're supposed to do and go back to fishing. What they don't know yet is, that Jesus has a mission for them.


We're dependant on your help. Do you like what KISI does in Germany and want it to continue? There are a lot of possibilities to support us: financially, through your prayers or by volunteering.


Thanks for investing in KISI in Germany.

If you are donating, your money will be used for one of the following projects:

It's the taking part that counts!

Help a child that can't afford it to be part of KISI.

Give us time and energy!

Employ somebady to coodinate the KISI activities in Germany – for that takes time and energy.

Fully equipped!

Help to pay for technical equipment (light & sound), costumes and stage design.

You want to support that?


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If you want to support us through your prayers, please send us an email to let us know. So you encourage us through it and you can receive current prayer requests via email.



You want to join our team? You're very welcome to volunteer in organization, catering, tech team, logistics, working with the kids and much more. Contact us and we will send you more detailled information.



You want to receive updates from KISI? Then connect with the KISI social media profiles.